Hawaii Successfully Surfs the Storms of Refuse Safety

Honolulu Disposal Fleet SafetyThe combination of frequent storms, tourists, hungry rodents, and corrosive ocean air poses a challenge for all truck fleets operating in Hawaii. But for Honolulu Disposal’s refuse disposal trucks, the challenges can be even greater.

Honolulu Disposal’s trucks typically operate in bad weather and early morning hours when visibility is poor. They navigate busy, narrow urban streets and alleys. And despite all of their warning signs and sounds, these hulking vehicles seem to go unnoticed as people make their way home, to work, and to the beach. Given these factors, the responsibility for safety lands squarely on the shoulders of Honolulu Disposal drivers. To help its drivers operate as safely as possible, Honolulu Disposal equips its more than 220 refuse trucks with cameras and with PRECO’s PreView® Wireless WorkSight® system—reducing typical per-truck installation time by more than 60% and keeping wire-chomping rats from eating up company profits.

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