The Importance of Post-Investment Customer Service and Support

Importance of Customer ServiceHow many times have you bought something you were excited about and were then underwhelmed by the customer service when an issue arose? It happens far too often in every business. It is especially disappointing when the investment was significant. For instance, let’s say you spend $3,000 on a new smart TV and it works great for the first couple of months. About six months in, it stops connecting to the internet so you take it back to the big box store. They tell you the warranty claim needs to go through the manufacture, and from there you receive the runaround.

The same applies to fleet safety solutions. Choosing active safety technologies that are right for your company’s specific needs is a big key to success. So is selecting products from companies that offer exceptional customer service and product support. After all, it’s what happens after the purchase that makes all the difference in ensuring that your workforce makes it home each night safe and sound.

How do you find the best of both worlds—exceptional safety technology with exceptional customer service and product support? These guidelines will help:

Word of Mouth

The best references most often come from people in your own circles, or the circles of people you trust. Ask around and take notes. Find out which safety technologies your peers are using. Are they happy with the solutions provided? Do they recommend the system(s) being used? If the same company or companies get mentioned, put them at the top of your list.

Face to Face

Before any major purchase, get a firsthand experience with the companies you are considering. Call or visit each company to test out the customer service before you make a purchase, and ask what kind of product support they offer. Companies that have dedicated sales representatives and in-house service departments can make a significant difference in getting the most out of your products and overcoming potential issues down the road.

If you purchase from a manufacturer who stands behind the performance of their systems, they are more likely to offer a warranty that stands behind the durability of their products. Should an issue arise, knowing there are reliable customer service resources who can help resolve the issue, or swiftly process item replacements, provides the peace of mind needed to help make a difficult purchasing decision easier.

It’s also important to ask about their customer support. Is there a cost involved in receiving that support? What is the process to receive any needed product support? Again, a manufacturer who stands behind their product will provide these services with ease and usually at little or no cost.

When you first begin speaking with a sales representative, determine what their knowledge of the industry and/or specific equipment is. The more knowledgeable they are, the better they understand the issues that come with your fleet and services provided. This knowledge is instrumental in ensuring your fleet is equipped with the correct solution for each application.

If you’re still unsure if the systems a manufacturer provides suit your fleet, ask to start a pilot program. This not only allows you test out systems on various pieces of equipment in different environments, it also lets your operators give it a test drive and provide their feedback. Maintaining contact with the manufacturer throughout the pilot is essential to creating the best solutions for your specific applications and needs.

Take the time to find the right safety solutions for your needs and ensure they are backed by exceptional customer service and product support. You can have the best of both worlds—and you and your team will thank you for it in the long run.

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