Safety Matters

Why Purpose-Built Safety Technology Makes Sense

OEM lp 3As customers continue to demand driver awareness, assistance, and autonomous features to improve safety — regulatory and societal pressure trends point to the expansion of OEMs offering these solutions as optional and standard features. Today, this expansion points in the direction of Radar sensors as one of the key solution elements.


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Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)

OEM lp 5Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) is used extensively in the cabs of heavy-duty OEM equipment both on and off-road, and allows a person to interact with a machine, like an instrument panel, the joystick, the steering wheel, the brakes, the knobs and buttons of the infotainment system, Etc.

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Functional Safety At PRECO ELECTRONICS

OEM lp 2Even in today's highly-connected world, humans still play a vital role in work environments, and most present-day heavy-duty mobile equipment operate in proximity to humans. Functional Safety was born to ensure equipment systems can detect, diagnose, and safely mitigate incidents to prevent harm to humans and machines. By proving, testing, and documenting the system design process, functional safety is now a critical element to any/all systems installed within heavy-duty mobile equipment, factory options, and aftermarket machines.

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OEM lp 1

As demands for machine safety & autonomous mobile equipment has increased, perception systems have become more critical than ever to accurately recognize the position and velocity of surrounding vehicles, VRUs, & other hazards.

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Newly Acquired By Sensata Technologies, Inc., PRECO Electronics is Poised for Growth

OEM lp 4Joining Sensata will complement PRECO's existing client base of heavy-duty machinery manufacturers, fleet operators, OEMs, and foreign and domestic authorities.

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