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Over time, approaches to safety have evolved, changed focus and direction, and built upon one another.

In the 1900s injuries and fatalities on the job occurred with some frequency. They considered them to be 'a part of the culture.' Over time those perceptions evolved, and safety became more of a priority. As industries sought to improve operations and increase efficiency, protecting drivers, property, and the public began to influence preference and adoption. In the last few decades, best practices and safety technologies have emerged into the market to meet those needs, having evolved into solutions with clear, measurable benefits.

Very early on, best practices and innovative technologies were designed to minimize damage in the event of an incident, helping operators and those around mobile equipment stay aware of hazards. From seat belts to the crash avoidance technologies of today, over the past century safety features have transformed – taking safety and situational awareness mainstream.

Since this emergence, safety technology has been the topic of extensive research and investment for governments and cities worldwide. With the development of organizations such as Vision Zero, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), studies on safety technology, incident rates, and prevention through best practices have arisen within each industry. As a result, advancements in autonomy and augmented reality and inquiries into the different safety solutions and their use cases have become abundant - instigating the development of numerous approaches to the implementation of safety technology.

In 1947, PRECO Electronics began as a designer and manufacturer of electronic industrial safety products. Now, we have evolved into a diversified organization, serving a broad base of customers in the computer, industrial, instrumentation, and transportation markets. As innovators, designers and manufacturers, PRECO is known worldwide for its vehicle communications systems. From patenting the first back-up alarm to manufacturing the world most reliable blind spot monitoring radar products, PRECO has kept safety at its heart, and your bottom line in mind.

Safety Matters

An Increasingly Distracted World

distracted personWhile on-road and near traffic, you should always keep your eyes on the road, but this is exceptionally important in work zones. As ADAS continues in developmental stages, distracted drivers still pose an incredible threat to your safety. By avoiding distractions such as smartphones, eating, drinking, the radio, GPS, and conversing with others - you protect not only yourself, but those around mobile operations - especially on construction sites, while working outside of your vehicle on the road, and throughout busy worksites.

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Adopting a Growth Mindset - Battling Leadership Hesitation Toward Safety Technology

HesitationFrom a cost versus benefit perspective, it is understood that value must justify the cost for leadership buy-in. These decisions are made regardless of the underlying motivation, which has consistently caused a disconnect between the safety technology industry and adoption.

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