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PRECO ElectronicsAround the world, and across the heavy-duty industries, PRECO Electronics seeks to solve global road safety issues. With each industry’s unique needs, environmental characteristics, and mandated safety requirements – PRECO designs, engineers, and manufactures collision avoidance solutions to keep the bottom line low, to protect operators, and to keep vulnerable road users (VRU) out of harm’s way.

For over 70 years, PRECO has seen road safety issues transcend national boundaries and collision avoidance develop into a priority for the heavy-duty industries looking to mitigate the tangible and intangible costs of accidents involving heavy-duty machinery. With PRECO’s radar systems, built to withstand any harsh terrain and weather encountered in all environments across the globe, heavy-duty machines are capable of getting the job done while avoiding danger and keeping people safe. 

Increased Blind Spot Awareness Around the Globe

IAA Commercial Vehicles Exhibition Successfully Concludes

Preco_Side_Def_VRU-LOGOIn its 67th year, the IAA Commercial Vehicle show has become one of the world’s largest events, with 2,174 exhibitors from 48 different countries and over 250,000 visitors throughout the show. Presenting the future of commercial vehicles and mobility, IAA exhibitors approached the industry’s top issues and introduced the latest and greatest innovations - showcasing the future of transportation, logistics and mobility.

Bringing the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry into the future are innovators, industry experts and thought leaders from across the globe that came together to showcase the newest technological advancements. Embodying this year’s theme of Driving Tomorrow.

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Successful Elsewhere, Side-Guard Ordinances Come to the U.S.

truck with side guardAnytime large vehicles occupy the same space as pedestrians and bicyclists, bad things can happen. When a fatality occurs, it is usually because an individual falls into the exposed space along the sides of high-clearance trucks and get crushed beneath the rear wheels. On construction and mining sites, companies are able to limit the interactions between people and trucks. On the average road or city street, though, such control is virtually impossible. The combination of truck blind spots and distracted driving, walking, and even bicycling is a recipe for disaster. For decades, many countries have had ordinances in place that require large vehicles to be equipped with side guards covering this open space along the sides of vehicles. Only in the last few years have these ordinances started to appear in cities across the U.S., but there is growing momentum.

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Germany Call for New EU-Wide Blind Spot Regulations

Bicycle Accident

Germany’s Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer is calling for all EU trucks to be fitted with compulsory blind spot safety systems to prevent pedestrians and cyclists from becoming injured or even killed because the truck driver was unaware of their presence on the side of the vehicle. As the EU plans new vehicle safety requirements, European truck manufacturers are addressing the blind spot problem in a number of ways.

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