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Jim Bean
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With kids out of school and vacations galore, summer is always a busy time of year. More people tend to be out and about and people’s minds can start to wander. And let’s not forget what the heat can do to a person and their mental capacity. All of these things can play an active role in an increased number of fleet accidents.

With all of this in mind, we wanted this newsletter to focus on ways to help make sure workers and the public make it home safely.

We understand that investing in safety technology is a significant expenditure for any company and believe that in order for that investment to fully pay off, educating operators is essential to ensure those technologies are not only utilized but also appreciated. We are also proud that all of our PreView® Radar systems have a built in fail-safe feature. This ensures that operators know their blind spot monitoring system is working and when there is an issue.

A safe fleet helps to provide a fun, accident-free summer. Our overall goal is to help keep fleet drivers/operators, workers on the ground, and the public free from harm. We work hard to provide object detection systems that work.

Click through any of the below articles to read more, or contact one of our Safety Specialists to learn more about PRECO’s industry leading collision avoidance systems.

In the Know

Educating Operators to Help Keep Them Safe

Heavy-duty operator safety technologyFor a medium- and heavy-duty equipment operator, safety means a variety of things. For an organization, it is imperative that a strong safety culture and program be in place to help ensure their workers are provided with a safe and accident-free workplace.

We all know newly hired drivers/operators come with risks and have a higher probability of getting in an accident. But, do you also know that the same applies to seasoned operators who have a tendency to “go through the motions” on their daily routines? This is why regular operator training, regardless of their tenure, is crucial.

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Engineering Features to Keep Your Fleet Safe

Heavy-duty fail-safe technologyPicture this: You’re flying 36,000 feet in the air, on your way to a family getaway, and suddenly the plane experiences a critical system failure. Thanks to the multiple duplicate components and systems on the plane, a new system seamlessly takes over operation of the aircraft, and you and your family safely reach your destination, none the wiser.

The duplication of systems in this scenario is called redundancy, and it’s one of the most common fail-safe methods around. Fail-safe methods are incorporated into many technologies to ensure the reliability and safety of a product. Failure is not an option for modern-day aircraft. Redundancy is essential in keeping systems fail-safe, and protecting people’s lives.

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Product Spotlight: VideoLink

Mekra Monitor.jpgPreView VideoLink provides the intelligent technology needed to connect existing camera monitor systems to PRECO's PreView Radar sensors. Adding radar-based object detection technology to your vision-based system ensures an uncompromising safety solution.

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Marketing Corner
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PRECO in the News

PRECO has been sharing with others in the industry how its active collision mitigation technology is making an impact. Below is a sampling of where we have popped up in the news. 

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